Briar Wood Portrait Tobacco Pipe Bust of Barney Gumble by Oguz Simsek

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―Barney's catch phrase
Don't cry for me, I'm already dead.
―Barney during his home film Pukeahontas
Is that a new kind of Mace? It's really painful!
―-Barney compliments Patty on her technique.

Bernard Arnold "Barney" Gumble (born April 20, 1956) is the Springfield town drunk and Homer Simpson's best friend, although to a lesser extent after high school. Being a frequent customer at Moe's (to the point of sleeping there) Barney considers Moe to be his second best friend; however, he is often abused by Moe and Arnie Gumble in the process, mainly due to Moe's personality. Barney was formerly an A-student back at Springfield High, but lost it all due to his drinking alcohol and is since then seen as a disgrace by his whole family, none of whom drinks. When he sings, he has a very nice voice. This talent was discovered by the Be Sharps when Barney was in the bathroom.

M-380 The Barney Gumble.
Briar Wood.
Acrylic Stem.
Polished with natural Carnauba wax for shine.
Never Smoked.
Signature: Yes.
Filter Pipe: No.
Smoking Paste: Yes.

Weights and Measures
Overall Length: 153 mm / 6 1/32 inches
Bowl Height: 60 mm / 2 23/64 inches
Bowl Width: 57 mm / 2 1/4 inches
Chamber inside, diameter: 20 mm / 25/32 inch
Chamber inside, depth: 37 mm / 1 29/64 inches

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